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  Are you using your Logo Right?

3rd January 2019 | Avinash

The logo should convey something that is special or unique about the business. Consumers often have strong feelings regarding their favorite brand. The design should reflect the personality, attitude, style, sector or whatever it is the business is about and should be easily consumed by potential and existing customers.

A logo that is well thought out will not only help promote these qualities but, more importantly, it will help establish the brand in the minds of the customers and for that reason, the design of a logo can contribute to the success of a business Well, coming straight to the point, you have valued your company and got a logo designed by a reputed designing agency.  But here comes the twist, are you using it the right way?


Here are some possibilities of misusing your awesome logo­:


Stretching in the morning is really good for your health, but a stretching logo is really bad for your Brand.


After social media has taken over our Social Life and made a stir we have become great lovers of filters, but it’s a crime to apply a filter to your logo or for the matter any design because each designer works keeping in mind the brand colors and elements. Adding filters will ruin the originality of your brand.

Wrong Colors

Logos are made to be used on only some particular colors other than white; they should be used on only suitable colors according to the logo. The wrong usage always create a wrong impression


From our personal experiences, the essence of a well-designed logo is lost with one click – Stoke or outline.

Drop shadow

Sometimes applying drop shadow also can make a big difference and also can make the text invisible.

Above mentioned are few out of many wrong ways to disturb a good Logo Design.

Every Logo has a story behind it and which is made out to convey according to the requirement. Many steps go through the process to get the final output.


At Divine Monkey, we make sure that your Logo reflects your brand personality and speaks for itself. Here is the process of Logo Designing.

Gathering requirements

We make sure to take into consideration every tiny detail of Requirements that our client has in their mind and make sure to analyze each and every point.


We conduct a thorough research into different aspects of the brand that involve the brand market analysis, brand’s USP, customer analysis& competitor analysis before we venture into designing the logo. Figuring out the style of the logo to be

Conceptual Sketching

The research being the key foundation to the design, we analyze all the elements that need to present in the logo and do a conceptual sketching based on it. Digitalizing the best one

Digitalizing the Sketch

Once our designing team is positive that sketch represents all the details required to take the design forward, we illustrate the hand-drawn sketch into a digitized version.

Final Output

Once the design is digitized we add the final touches that shall be the key aspect in making the logo stand out.

After this long and interesting process, every shape, Colour, and font of the logo has its own meaning suitable according to the brand. Even a minute change to the logo can lose the intention and the essence of your brand

So, when it goes to the other designer, Make sure the logo doesn’t get tweaked even a millimeter. To avoid this we include branding guides in the logo package. That is the best way to preserve your logo.

Click here to view a Branding project which includes Brand Guides.

So, are you using your logo in the right way??